Zasey Blog’s Pre-Christmas Issue!

…as I turned round it changed shape …

This week’s Pre-Christmas Issue includes a short story and some Celebrity news! Zasey hopes you enjoy!

Short Story:

Yay! Only 17 days until Christmas! I am so excited to wake up on Christmas Day and see my presents! My family and I get ready for Christmas super early so most of our presents are already under the tree! Last night, I was sneaking around near the Christmas tree jiggling presents and drinking milk, etc… When I saw this beautiful present that certainly wasn’t there the night before. It was enormous and in a beautiful wrapping paper. I turned around to go back to bed but I really wanted to look at the present one last time that night! As I turned around it changed shape! Woah! I rubbed my eyes and it returned back to normal! Wow1 I am really sleepy! Then I went back to bed, I mean it must have been because I was tired. Or was it…

Celebrity News:

Meghan Markle was spotted smiling after returning from her ‘Private’ getaway with Prince Harry! AND Kylie Jenner is selling one of her Hidden Hill Homes for a whooping 5.4 Million dollars! WOW! It is also 5,154 Square Feet! That’s all the celebrity news we have today! Thanks for reading this week’s Pre-Christmas Issue!

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