Willy Wonka’s Introduction

“Where have you been Mr Willy Wonka?”  asked Charlie. “Wait… how are you talking in a story that hasn’t even had an introduction yet? That’s completely pointless!” said Wonka. “Oh,” Charlie replied. “No matter… I will just make up an introduction! It will be the best introduction in the history of the world!” Willy Wonka said, with an overcharge of excitement. “It will be so good Charlie! It will be amazing! Charlie.. Charlie.. Charlie!! I’m so excited I can’t even get the words of the introduction out of my mouth!” But Mr Wonka… there’s no more time,” Charlie told him. “Oh.. I was really looking forward to it 🙁 ,” said Willy Wonka. THE END

One thought on “Willy Wonka’s Introduction”

  1. What an unusual and interesting idea Evan! Having the characters talking about the story that they’re about to appear in is such a novel concept, but one I think Roald Dahl would certainly have approved of. I also like that you seem to have captured the spirit of Charlie and Willy, and the story in which they appear.
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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