Weird Day

1.One day I was going hunting with my friend Max to catch deer. We saw a group of deer and I took out a net but the deer saw us and ran off.Later we saw a deer facing the other way I turned around to get my net as I turned it changed shape the deer changed shape it was weird but it ran after me and Max we ran back to car but it was still chasing us but we eventually we got home but it was ok after that we never told anybody it was the weirdest day ever.

The Pyro Maniac

I am fire , I am the flames before your eyes.

My Flames grow wide and go orange like the fire in your house. I was running away the asylum. They kept me in the there and touched me.I ran to a river  with   crocodiles and other animals.

Then I see the asylum collapsed and it changed my life now I destroy buildings and peoples life’s cause that’s what they did to me but the some ‘hero’ tried to defeat me so I fort back. This hero was super man a crazy super hero right but then he put his fist into my stomach and I fell to the ground…



December Issue on Zasey Blog!

Welcome back to another edition of Zasey Blog! This week’s post includes a short narrative story and some celebrity news!

Short Narrative/Story:

Once upon a time there was an Orange Crocodile named Laylah. Laylah lived within a wide swamp and went to work at the Croc Shop everyday. She would work hard all day and night and when she did get a break, she collapsed tiredly onto her swamp-floor bed. She would dream of more time off and unicorns. Maybe eating a nice, plump child. Even though she was limited to only a few dishes such as Swamp-Weed, Swamp-grass juice and occasionally some scales. If she were lucky, she would find an animal drinking in her part of the lake. She would wait until it got close enough, then SNAP!

Celebrity News:

Gigi and Bella Hadid have finally shared their childhood dream by filming for the 2016 Victoria’s Secret filming for the popular show. They are super excited to have successfully fulfilled their shared dream and are happy to have had the opportunity! They were in Paris last Wednesday and have experienced the sister moment of a life-time!

Thankyou for reading this week’s issue of Zasey Blog! Stay tuned for next week’s issue and… A pinch and a Punch for the first day of the month, slap on the back so you can’t get us back!



wide croc

Wide,  Orange,  Crocodile,  Within,  Collapsed


I went to a zoo and it was amazing first I saw a spider than a snake and then we looked at the lions and they were amazing. finally it was our last animal the croc rumour has it he eats living humans. when we were there it was feeding time he hate a full naked cow it was so icky and gross. after we went to the gift shop and I got a croc toy its was squishy I had fun today and want to come back another time thanks for today.



I went to the to the zoo within 20 min from when I woke up with my mates. We had to where orange for cancer. When we arrived we went to a wide looking area and Jackson saw a crocodile then collapsed. So I got a bottle of water and then he flipped it and then capped it so he was alright all a long. We had an enjoyable time we went home and then went to by some Mt  dew than we had the best time we watched sausage party and then suicide squad then we went to bed and played our phones.