Ethan’s 100WC W2

This is the adventures of fantastic mr fox.

Fox was walking around with his friends and there seemed to be a mysteries man following him around and suddenly the sky  went blue so did the mystery guy. The guy went he was hidden in the shadows the next day he was out exploring and he so a guy in a hoody. And guese who it was it was the guy who bluened the sky and guess who it was it da da daa is father and in the shadows was his mother


One thought on “Ethan’s 100WC W2”

  1. Hi Ethan
    I really like the way you created a mystery man who was following Mr Fox around and turning the sky blue. Interesting that he disappeared every time that the sky turned blue. I’d be very interested in hearing what happens next so I’m delighted to see that your story is to be continued. Well done. keep up the good work.
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100wc

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